Expense Management

The expense reporting features in Fuzion allow you capture travel, materials, and other direct costs via an easy to use web-based interface. Both expense requests and after-the-fact expense reporting is supported. The Fuzion expense report module is very flexible, allowing you to set your expense types in whatever manner best accomodates your existing accounting procedures.

The specific benefits of automating expense reporting include:

  • Less rework as expense items are entered correctly the first time.
  • Improved compliance as accounting policy can be enforced in the software.
  • Lower costs by eliminating redundant paperwork.
  • Eliminates unapproved or out of budget expenditures.
  • Ensures correct application of government per diem rates.
  • Helps apply all direct costs to projects for clearer view into profitability at project or task level.
  • Improve employee morale with speedier reimbursements.
Key Features
  • GL codes are matched to expense types to ensure accurate accounting.
  • Easy to use interface speeds expense entry.
  • Expenses can be tied to specific projects or tasks.
  • Expense reports can contain mix of billable and non-billable entries
  • Federal per diem rates are automatically applied based on date and location.
  • Approvals workflow
  • Expense Requests (pre-approvals) and Expense Reports are tightly integrated.
  • Single expense report can span multiple projects.
  • Tracked mileage is automatically integrated into expense report.

Expense Report List View Expense Report Detail View Expense Report Item View Expense Report Item View 2 Mileage Tracking
The list view screen shows the status of all expense reports. This screen can be filtered by user, expense report status, etc. The detail view shows the totals for the report, and a list of the individual expenses on the expense report. The item view will be different depending on the expense type. The per diem expense item allows you to select the city and state where the expenses were incurred. Once the location and date is selected, the correct per diem rate is auto-populated based on the current per-diem schedule that is integrated into Fuzion. Billable and non-billable mileage can be tracked on the convenient entry form contained within the timecard.