Project Management

Capriccio Fuzion’s project management module is fully integrated with the CRM and proposal modules to provide a real-time view of project status. This tight integration provides a closed loop process so all assumptions, costing elements and direct costs are properly accounted for, maximizing your profitability and revenue. Also, Capriccio Software is a DoD contractor. We understand the unique challenges inherent in selling to and servicing government organizations, and we designed Fuzion to solve those challenges.

The benefits of managing your projects with Fuzion are:

Maximize Productivity

The typical government contractor is managing multiple systems for time, expenses, project management, reporting, and recruiting. Fuzion integrates all these functions into a single easy to use web accessible solution. By consolidating your data, management, and reporting into a single system, you work more efficiently and reduce costs.

Manage with Real-Time Data

When you wait until period close to export time data for analysis, you are working with backwards looking data that may not be the most accurate indicator of current project status. Fuzion allows project managers to see up to the minute status on all charge codes applying to a project or task, so that problems can be addressed as they occur, and not 2 weeks later when the time period closes. Fuzion's unique ability to provide on-the-fly analysis eliminates much of the need to run periodic reports. However, Fuzion does include powerful online analytical processing capabilities that will produce in depth and detailed reporting in a variety of formats.

DCAA Compliance

The DCAA does not certify software. Nobody can achieve DCAA compliance simply by purchasing software. DCAA compliance requires a combination of the right systems and right processes. Fuzion is the right system to help you comply with the DCAA timekeeping requirements. A combination of built-in controls and extensive audit features meets the requirements for time tracking as required by the Defense Contracting Audit Agency.

Ensure Data Consistency

Rekeying data from the time system to the accounting system, or exporting data to spreadsheets to manage projects introduces opportunity for error. Fuzion is fully integrated. All your data is safely and securely stored in a single database, ensuring that everybody in the organization is working from the same numbers.

Key Features
  • Auto-convert proposals to projects ensuring nothing is lost in conversion
  • Integrated with timesheets for real-time project tracking
  • Manage rates, categories and resources from simple to use interface
  • Single repository for all project related information
  • Easily collaborate & extend access to customers, partners & team members
  • Provides real time visibility into actual versus budgeted hours data

Project List View Project Detail View Project Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Charge Number List View Charge Number Detail View
The Project List View screen provides an overview of your project portfolio. The Project Detail View provides access to all the important data related to the project. The WBS organizes the project into discreet tasks that have assignments or charge numbers associated with them. The Charge Number List View can be sorted by any column to provide visibility into individuals charging against specific projects or tasks. Potential problem charge numbers are helpfully highlighted in red. Drilling down into any charge number shows all the individual timecard entries associated with that charge number.