Proposal Management
Developing winning proposals in a hyper-competitive marketplace requires bidders to clearly articulate their value proposition and qualifications. Fuzion is your secret weapon to achieve success while reducing your costs to prepare responses.

Everyone from the response team to the executives will be on the same page through Fuzion's proposal management capabilities. The easy to use application allows your organization to quickly define proposal strategy by setting the theme, scope and descriptions for each individual response level where required. This consolidation reduces the time spent on re-writes and ensures a laser focused response to dramatically increase your win probability.

Fuzion simplifies the process of managing and answering complex, multi-question RFPs. Assign writing sections to team members, then monitor completion status and content in real-time. Built to grow with your business, Fuzion ensures relevant content is always readily accessible; as you answer new questions, the information is captured for re-use.
Key Features
  • Manage proposal teams across all parties including partners, Independent Contractors and SME’s
  • Clearly identify Theme, scope and description down to each question
  • Assign questions to different team members
  • Create and track due dates by section and/or questions
  • Version control and complete audit trail
  • Leverage existing repository of answers from previous responses
  • Auto-consolidation for easy formatting and submission

Proposal List View Proposal Detail View Writing Sections Integrated Editor
The List View provides an overview and status of all proposals in Capriccio Fuzion. The Detail View captures all the important details related to the proposal. Break the proposal down into distinct sections, assign those sections out to other users, and track status of the proposal. Write the proposal in Capriccio Fuzion with the integrated editor, and assemble into a Word Document with just one click.